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My name is Prince and I am a freelance furry artist who mainly focuses on character design, character illustration, environmental painting and other fantasy oriented artwork.
This page contains all valuable information regarding my commissions and how to contact me.
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Commission Prices

If you have any questions feel free to message me on any of my social media sites!
Click on the example images to view them in full size.



A fullbody drawing with sketchy lines, where characters and background are filled with a single flat color.

Additional character+$15
Complex character+$10
Rough shading (first example)+$10

Scrungly page


A collection of silly, colored drawings of one character. Drawings will vary in size and quantity but will always fill an entire page. Warning: Stupid humor inclusive.

Additional character+$35
Complex character+$30



A cute drawing in a simplified style, includes more details as well as shading and a colored background.

Additional character+$35
Complex character+$20



A detailed drawing showing the character from the chest up with complex shading and a solid colored background.

Additional character+$55
Complex character+$20
Simple background+$25



A detailed drawing showing the entire character with complex shading and a solid colored background.

Additional character+$65
Complex character+$20
Simple background (ex. nature backgrounds like the first and third example)+$35
Complex background (ex. city scapes, interior)+$50

Custom character design


A custom character design displayed on one flatcolored fullbody drawing without clothes, made to fit the moodboard, aestetic or description provited by the commissioner. One major revision of the design is included, minor revisions are free of charge.Please familiarize yourself with the additional character design TOS!

One additional major revision (can only be purchased during the designing process)+$20
Clothing design on a mirrored fullbody+$30
Special item or weapon design to go with your character+$20

Illustration page


A compilation of different, fully colored drawings in a looser style with simple shading. All drawings will be of the same character on the same canvas.

A basic illustration page without add-ons includes one fullbody, one halfbody and a couple decorative items or background elements by default.

Complex character+$20
One additional headshot+$25
One additional halfbody+$50
One additional fullbody+$70

Reference sheet


A flat colored reference sheet of an already existing character design, that includes a front view, a mirrored fullbody of the front view (either showing the back view or an outfit), a headshot and two items or accessories of choice.All written information on the reference sheet must be provided by the commissioner, if there is no information provided, there'll be blank space left open for personal customization.

Additional headshot+$20
Additional fullbody+$60
Paw, eye or mouth details+$10
One item or accessory+$5
Painted background (first two examples)+$35

Interested in something else?
I have many more art examples on my social media accounts,
like icons, painted bust shots, sketch pages etc., which are not listed here.
Simply select 'Other' in the google form when ordering a commission and describe to me what you had in mind so we can discuss individual price arrangements!

General commission terms of service

When commissioning me, you are required to accept these terms of service


  • I have the right to decline any commission application

  • The commissioner and I both have the right to use the commissioned artwork for any non-commercial purposes (this includes re-posting it on social media with proper credit, printing, using it as an avatar/background picture etc.)

  • I retain rights to the artwork, while the commissioner retains rights to the character

  • I only work with already existing characters that have some form of visual reference (custom character design commissions are an exception to this)

  • You are not allowed to edit my artwork without being given explict permission

  • I do not give refunds

  • My work is not allowed to be used for NFTs in any shape or form

Ordering and working progress

  • You are required to fill out this google form and submit it to apply for a commission slot

  • Forms will remain open for two days after the commission opening

  • Any forms from previous openings will be expired by the following opening, meaning you'll need to re-submit your form if you weren't picked last time and would like to apply for a slot again

  • If you'd like to commission multiple things, feel free to fill out the form as many times as you'd like

  • Commission slots are not first come first serve! I'll pick out a certain amount of forms based on personal preference for commission prompts and the design of the character(s) I'll be working with

  • I'll reach out to the chosen applicants after two days of the opening by contacting them through the contact information they provided in their form

  • If I do not contact you after two days I did not accept your application, but don't take it to heart! You may re-submit your form next time

  • If the applicant fails to reply back to me or send their payment within two days of my message, their commission will be declined

  • All payments are in USD, I'll send out an invoice through paypal

  • I'll start working on your commission after having recieved full payment

  • All commissions are aimed to be completed within a month, though they may be delayed due to real life issues or slow communication between me and the commissioner

  • Only minor edits can be made after the artwork has been completed

Will and Won't draw

Feel free to ask me regarding anything that is not mentioned on this list

Will draw

  • Any species

  • Feral and anthro characters

  • Any form of legal relationship regardless of gender or sexuality

  • Suggestive content, mild gore and cartoon violence

Won't draw

  • Propagating, discriminating, religious, political or generally hateful content

  • NSFW, most fetishes and extreme violence or gore

  • Romantic/sexual relationships between a minor and an adult, a feral character and an anthro character or related characters

  • Humans and humanoids

CHARACTER DESIGN terms of service

By purchasing or otherwise gaining rights to a character design made by me, you are automatically agreeing to these terms of service

General rules

  • Proper design credit must be given to me on the character's official toyhouse page, the description of their reference or something similar as long as there is credit given publically and at least once

  • Edits to the design ( but not the original artwork ) are allowed as long as the design is still recognizable and I am credited as the original designer

  • Creating "twins", "offsprings" or other forms of copies of the design to sell, trade, or gift them away is not allowed

  • Co-owning is allowed

  • Designs can be resold for the original price and the additional value they hold in form of investments like commissions

  • Designs that have been traded or gifted to you cannot be resold

  • Designs may be used under non-commercial terms as characters, fursonas, mascots etc.

  • Terms of commercial use such as in comics, artbooks, prints, video games, shows etc. may be privately arranged with me

Design commission rules

  • I'll only do one major revision per custom design commission, though more may be purchased as add-ons in case they become necessary during the designing process

  • Major revisions include: A complete resketching of the concept, drastic color and pattern changes or a complete change in aesthetic (ex. changing a forest themed design to a beach themed design)

  • Minor revisions include: Hue changes, swapping out colors, changing markings, changing hairstyles or fur length, adding small traits such as scars, partial edits of the sketch as well as anything that I may have overlooked from your initial order

  • However, please do not hesitate to ask me for changes! I want you to be 100% satisfied with the design once it's finished

  • I reserve the right to re-use scrapped versions of the design that I created during the designing process as long as they are not too similar to the final product

Ordering a commission

During commission openings, which are being announced through twitter, you are free to fill out and submit

This google form

to apply for a commission slot! For further information on how the ordering process works, please read my TOS thoroughly.